by The Dirty Lies

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released July 23, 2016



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The Dirty Lies Glasgow, UK

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Track Name: Cellophane
You are the sole survivor of this affair
I am haunting attics now
I pass through walls and float on air
I could go anywhere

Couldn't pick up the telephone
I call you name but you don't turn
All night your light is on
But I can't hold a stone to throw

Your eyes are so inviting as they stare
Through me like cellophane
I left my soul underneath your bed
It won't go anywhere
Track Name: You're The Same
You put your jacket on but I was sticking around I wasn't sleepy you said I drink too much I don't give a fuck I was thinking anyway you're the same don't sleep it of come and meet me I look a mess I don't like your dress I don't care cos you listen to Sonic Youth with your friends that's heavyweight that's heavyweight and I don't get it
Track Name: Statues
Turn me into stone
I'll be your friend still
And always
You're so cold
And all your friends say
You're boring
Don't let go
I need to know
Who left me motionless in Berlin

Set me on a throne
And I will lord
Over pigeons
I won't fold
Or ever spread
Open my wings
I've been told
I got no soul
And I am nothing but symbolic

This city is a cage
It seems so pretty
Your prayers go on for days
Fill the empty space
I have heard the voice of god
Sneering to me
I've seen your lies for miles and miles
And miles and miles

Static on a wave
I ride the void
To the shoreline
Beach house rules
You should stay
With your own kind
Send me news
Suffer fools
I miss every revolution

I am yours alone
Until the end
Still and always
Track Name: Crowd Crush
You lay down
But I'll never know
I'm strung out
But never let it show

It's exponential

But we'll never grow
I'm phased out
But never let it go
I need you
You're my only witness